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Despite organizations providing teams with a host of tools to use in this rapidly evolving digital world, teams are struggling to get the best out of this investment. Distractions are high, change is hard and contextualising a new tool to an established team way of working is even harder.

In this article we will share with you why teams are not getting the best out of their expanding digital tool kit, what specific areas are problematic and what you can do to rapidly increase adoption.

We will also share an approach through simulation that you can use immediately to transform…

In this article you’re going to learn exactly how to help your embedded analytics teams move from ‘order takers’ to ‘business partners’ and unlock immediate value from this investment.

I will also share 3 tools that your analytics teams can use immediately to transform these interactions everyday across your business in a fast and cost effective way.

Let’s dive straight in.

All too often, analysts act like order takers to the business and not getting to the real challenge and need.

We hear this from our clients at Pelatum everyday as the conversation moves from technology to business culture and…

Your talent is leaving

In this article you’re going to learn exactly how to retain your top analytics talent, start to remove business obstacles and find immediate value from this investment.

I will also share 5 simple steps that you can follow to create the resources that your data talent needs, when they need them and to automate this process at scale.

Let’s dive straight in.

After the famous article Data Scientists: the sexiest job of the 21st century we all saw a hiring frenzy for this new super hot analytics talent. …

You’re decision making catalysts…

Let me tell you a story.

Last week I was stood in a hospital in New York. It was an impressive room with views down Lexington Avenue and 47th street. It was a beautiful November morning without a cloud in the sky and as I looked out of the window and down the street, New York was at it’s best — bustling with activity, people rushing through the street coffee-in-hand and taxi drivers contributing to the symphony of Manhattan.

I was running a workshop and like all of the workshops that we run, at the start we do some introductions…

The name of the game here is to make better business decisions

If we fail to understand how, when and where we make decisions inside our organisation we have close to zero chance of scaling and competing with analytics.

3 questions Executives need to ask themselves at the start of this journey:

How do we make decisions around here?

Are our teams making decisions based on the HiPPO (Highest Paid Persons Opinion)


are we leveraging the diversity and alternative perspectives of our people?

When do we make decisions around here?

Are our teams fixed to an annual plan that was built +6 months ago and blindly following a set of goals and KPIs


are we working with analytics in an agile way — asking the…

Here are a few FAQs about the 30 day Intelligence Lab® delivered by our team at see6.

QUESTION: What are the objectives of the Intelligence Lab®?

ANSWER: There are 3 objectives:

  1. Increase the utilization of your analytics investments.
  2. Unlock analytics talent inside your business teams.
  3. Inject speed into your analytics transformation.

QUESTION: Who is the Intelligence Lab® for?

ANSWER: Business teams and analytics teams. We work best with a business challenge where leaders want to find transformational value from their data and analytics investments.

QUESTION: How long is the programme?

ANSWER: Teams are set the challenge during the Intelligence Lab®…

Chief Data Officers are struggling to make an impact with the business and drive effective behaviours and a culture to unlock the value of data. The Chief HR Officer wants to build leaders and teams fit for the future.

77% of respondents say that “business adoption” of big data and AI initiatives continues to represent a challenge for their organizations… Respondents clearly say that technology isn’t the problem — people are

New Vantage Partners — Data and Innovation

When it comes to overcoming the cultural barriers that organisations face in unlocking the value of their data we have found that…

2–3 years. The average yearly tenure of a Chief Analytics Officer.


77%. Respondents who said that “business adoption” of big data and AI initiatives is a challenge for their organization.


The biggest challenge that Data and Analytics executives face today is engaging with the business.

Over the past 10+ years we have seen leaders do great work in finding an organisational home for their data and investing heavily in the right architecture and management of their data.

We have seen them build high performing analytics teams — with various models and structures in the way that they interface with the business.

But now is the time to find value from these investments and the only way that you’re going to do that, is to win the hearts and…

People, culture and internal resistance can create formidable roadblocks

As a Data and Analytics Executive seeking to compete with analytics, as you start to improve the way that you engage with the business two things will happen; firstly, you will start to build confidence in your analytics leaders as they start to find support from each other and share best practice. Secondly, the business will see a consistent high performing analytics community — barriers and resistance will drop and engagement soar!

Here are 10 tools and activities that you can start to deploy to your analytics teams to build…

I was recently inspired to watch Baylor win the NCAA 2019 women’s Basketball Championship — the game had all the drama you want from a final — and as I write this, i’m equally excited to watch Virginia versus Texas Tech in the men’s competition! The speed, athleticism and focus is truly inspirational — not only from the players on the court but the coaches and crowds!

What I love about basketball unlike other sports is the speed of play, up and down the court — players making a shot and then sprinting back to defend their respective parts of…


We create powerful simulations that deliver breakthrough performance for virtual teams

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