We are the partner of choice for CPG commercial teams. We design beautiful simulations, we uncover possibilities, and we love to bring strategic thinking to life. We are hired to work where insight meets action, engaging frontline teams to build a customer-first, consumer-centric mindset. Our CPG-focused research and deep market knowledge enables our team to passionately take on the smallest of puzzles and largest of transformations. Our web-based simulation platform is the first of its kind and allows participants to try on new skills and behaviors in immersive, challenging environments. Our license-based business model enables our customers to reach larger groups of employees in their organizations, all over the world, at all levels, and at a lower cost. We work with people we believe in and we're committed to building lasting partnerships that enable teams to interact with the future and uncover what comes next. Making simulation technology smarter, sleeker, and more available to all: this is what inspires .

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